A solution for brokers and dealers to increase sales by providing a trusted finance source to customers nationwide.

CUFR is a nationwide lending source to help equipment and apparatus dealers to get financing for their customers.

  • Sell more with CUFR’s loan pre-approval process
  • Branded online business loan request form
  • Offer competitive rates, terms, loan types

Let us develop lending programs for your firm and help your representatives quickly close more deals.


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“CU First Responders Finance (CUFR) brings new ideas and opportunities for credit unions. Never again will you need to say no to a member when they ask for a business loan. Every one of the NCOFCU members, from the smallest to largest credit union can benefit from joining CUFR.”

Grant Sheehan
Founder & CEO
National Council of Firefighter Credit Unions, Inc.

“All Credit Unions that serve First Responders can now expand their product offerings to include Member Business Loans. We have developed a nationwide program that will cater to volunteer and municipal departments and the businesses of First Responders.”

Murray Halperin
Biz Lending & Insurance Center

“Business lending is complex, to say the least. CUFR handles the complexity for the credit union and creates opportunities for fee income, additional deposits and new loan activity.”

Trish Black
Operations Manager
Biz Lending & Insurance Center, Inc.